Mipa Catechetical And Leadership School

It was started 1964 and it has the capacity of accommodating 40 catechists. The center has been training catechists from the diocese and outside. It has been a very important inspirational center for training the laity who are interested in the work of evangelization. Training of catechists, who are responsible for the training of catechumen, candidates and confirmation program in parishes and mission churches.

The Centre as it has been indicated above has over 47 years since its inception.  The infrastructure, buildings, lecture rooms reflect those years.  So, there is a need to do major repair of the whole centre.  The centre is of paramount important for our primary as well for a deeper evangelization.

It also offers refresher courses for those already finished their studies long time ago. However, the centre still lacks text books, computer, library, Dining hall, kitchen, store, meeting hall, a minibus, a pick up, a standby generator or Solar energy and rehabilitation of the buildings.