Pre-form one Seminary Sayusayu

This is a Catholic school. It was started on 16th February, 2004 at Sayusayu Parish. It has the capacity of accommodating 300 students.  We aim to cater for 400 students.  The duration for the academic studies is one year.

Students of this seminary come from Musoma, Mwanza, Geita, Shinyanga, and the newly erected diocese of Bunda. Having completed their academic studies, the following year, we send them to join minor seminaries. These seminaries include Nyegezi, Makoko, Sengerema, and Shanwa. However, the school still lacks some essential learning and teaching materials such as text books, computers, staff rooms and teacher’s offices and library.

Shanwa Minor Seminary

We have started building a diocesan Shanwa minor seminary. The construction has been started since 1998 but not yet completed due to financial constraint. The seminary is located at Shanwa outside of Maswa town about six kilometers. The mission of this new establishment in our diocese is solely for nursing priestly vocations. This seminary is still under construction and after completion it will have a capacity to accommodate 400 students. It still needs a chapel, Rectory for priests residence, science laboratory, library, dormitories, dining hall, convent, general houses for lay teaching staff, administration (office) block hall, learning and teaching materials. 

Mipa Catechetical And Leadership School

It was started 1964 and it has the capacity of accommodating 40 catechists. The center has been training catechists from the diocese and outside. It has been a very important inspirational center for training the laity who are interested in the work of evangelization. Training of catechists, who are responsible for the training of catechumen, candidates and confirmation program in parishes and mission churches.

The Centre as it has been indicated above has over 47 years since its inception.  The infrastructure, buildings, lecture rooms reflect those years.  So, there is a need to do major repair of the whole centre.  The centre is of paramount important for our primary as well for a deeper evangelization.

It also offers refresher courses for those already finished their studies long time ago. However, the centre still lacks text books, computer, library, Dining hall, kitchen, store, meeting hall, a minibus, a pick up, a standby generator or Solar energy and rehabilitation of the buildings.

Matanda Vocational Centre (VTC – Vocational Training Center).

This is the Catholic school. It was started in 1989 located at Matanda area in Ngokolo Parish. It admits all youth regardless of their faith and gender. The school has the capacity of accommodating 200 students. This school is still growing, thus it needs learning and teaching materials such as computers, text books, classrooms, dining hall, administration block,

The current Courses being offered now are general mechanics, welding and fitting, Driving courses.  Our future plans include; Masonry, Carpentry, Electronic and wiring, Tailoring and Sewing.