This is diocesan Religious Congregation permitted to practice the spirituality of St. Maria Gorretti.  This is a new community which needs lot of support from the diocese as well from other people of good will. The aim or purpose of this community; To serve souls especially of those girls who live in such situation in the world. Many of them are being raped, and many live in the situation which makes them to enter bad life, some because of Ignorance or bad culture practices, some of them even forced to marry or exchanged.

The aim of the Gorettian sisters are to serve God  by teaching , rescue  the girls, and teaching the word of God   especially the eight beatitude. Happy the pure in Heart they shall see God.

By following the example of our beloved Saint Maria Goretti, who accepted death than committing sin, The Sisters will be ready to offer themselves to proclaim the 8 Beatitude to all, starting from themselves, to accept death than committing sin, for the sake of all who suffer in the world, because of the situation which they have and cannot come out of that.

The New Community needs to establish, A Postulance Formation House, A Novitiate House, dining house, classes, A chapel, a house for their spiritual father,   A retreat centre, Generalate,  Motherhouse, Convent for professed sisters, etc. etc.

Obviously, such projects and inspiring missions cannot be achieved with local contributions alone. They require both Spiritual and Material support from outside the diocese. For these reasons I ask you to send applications to the offices of propagation of Faith in United States and ask them to include the diocese of Shinyanga, for the Missionary Cooperation Plan.